Book Review - The Reluctant Blogger by Ryan Rapier
I'd heard some good things about this book and so I moved it to the top of my reading list. I'm glad it didn't get buried. It was a really enjoyable book.

Todd knows he is in a bad place. That’s why he went to a therapist in the first place, and that alone took a lot of doing. So when Dr. Schenk threatens to stop their sessions unless Todd puts in more effort, he grasps at the last available straw: a personal blog that will force Todd to confront his demons.

Ever since he lost his wife, Todd has not been the same. He’s been forced to Single Adult activities at church, and everyone seems to expect him to just forget Marci and get married again—especially when he meets Emily, who makes him smile and starts to bring him out of his depression. But dating again is hard when Todd has three kids of his own, not to mention an overbearing father and friends with their own problems.

This beautifully woven and emotional tale is both heartbreaking and humorous. Championing friendship, love, and family, Ryan Rapier deals adeptly with the everyday struggles we face as well as the strongest ties that keep us together. You’re sure to fall in love with this magnificent tale of redemption, forgiveness, and new beginnings.

The Reluctant Blogger is one of my favorite books of the last year. It has believable and well-developed main characters as well as a great supporting cast. I loved Todd's family and friends. The story is touching without being too sentimental. It's a great combination of sad, happy, frustrating and funny. Just like life.

This book has it all, love, loss, second chances, busybodies, disappointment, forgiveness, compassion and heart. I had trouble putting it down. I look forward to more from Ryan Rapier.

I was surprised and disappointed that The Reluctant Blogger wasn't a Whitney Finalist. I'm not sure what the judges are looking for, but when books like this and A Different Blue by Amy Harmon aren't finalists, the awards lose some credibility and that's sad.


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