Book Review - Power to Become by David A. Bednar

Power to Become by David A. Bednar

I LOVED this book!

The stories and examples and doctrine were wonderful and life-affirming. They made you feel like you could accomplish great things and they gave me a new perspective. The layout of the book is perfect for personal study and goal-setting. There is room in the margins for taking notes as well as room at the end of each chapter to set your own goals and fine-tune the steps you'll take to reach them. I liked the layout of the book so much.

Elder Bednar took simple principles like compassion, obedience to commandments and the role the family can play in our own personally progression and presented them in a way that made me want to do better, to be better. I planned to read ten or so pages each day, but there were a few days I found myself reading twenty or thirty pages.

I'd highly recommend this book for its inspirational quality as well as its readability. It's a profound and uplifting book.

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