He's Getting So Old!

Joe turned fourteen this week. This means a lot of things. It means my youngest is going to be gone before I know it. It means I'm getting older. It means I don't have any little kids anymore. It means his voice has changed and he sounds like a man, both when he talks and when he sings. It means he got taller than me this year. It's still not by much, but he's got the edge (unless I brush my hair out). It means I'm a little melancholy, missing my little buddy. But mostly, it means I'm reflecting on a pretty amazing boy and the man he's becoming.

Joe is a good kid. Even when he's been faced with cruelty and mistreatment by others, he's handled it with quiet dignity and hasn't retaliated or cowered. He's kind to people and tries to make sure no one is left out. Recently, when a boy in his deacon's quorum had an unfortunate mishap in front of the entire congregation, Joe's first thought was to be sure the boy was okay and didn't feel embarrassed or alone.

Joe is funny. He's witty and clever and regularly makes us laugh. He's got a great laugh and uses it often. He has a great sense of humor. We went to Cheesecake Factory for his birthday and he set new rules for us--we all had to order something we'd never had before. It was fun and it was typical Joe.

Joe has courage and character. He does the right thing even when it's hard and isn't afraid to ask for counsel or help. He doesn't get defensive, but listens and works hard.

He's talented, smart, good-looking and so many more things parents hope for.

Sorry I'm bragging, but once a year, when we celebrate that he was born and that we were blessed enough to have him come to our family, I think it's okay.

I love you, Joe, and I'm thankful every day for you.


Kristi said...

Happy birthday Joe! 14? Really?
I am a big flabbergasted by that. I thought only my kids age. Well, I guess if they have to grow up, it's good that he is becoming something remarkable.

missy said...

It's awesome that Joe has so many brag-worthy qualities! He sounds like a great kid, one I'd love my boys to hang out with.

I must admit I chuckled a little when I pictured you standing next to Joe with your hair brushed out. :)