Music & Food - What More Could You Want? - Two of My Favorite Things Lately

What better way to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior than with beautiful, spiritual, soaring music? The music on this CD is gorgeous. I can imagine the angels of heaven celebrating the miracle of His resurrection. This CD is a treasure.

Warning: This CD might cause your heartrate to increase and tears to spring to your eyes.

I'm sending this to Veronica in Seattle. She's going to love it.

I love cookbooks. I have a real weakness for them. With the internet (and especially Pinterest), cookbooks might seem like a relic from the past.

I guess I like relics. I'm a weirdo, but when I'm watching what I eat (the D word), I like to look at cookbooks. When I'm fasting, I like to look at cookbooks. Would that be the same as lusting in my heart? Does that mean I'm sinning? Hmm. Never thought of that before.

Anyway, when I had the chance to receive a copy of A Year With Six Sisters' Stuff, I jumped. And I'm glad I did. First of all, the book is beautiful. Love the colors, the layout, the nice paper. The pictures inside are gorgeous. And by the way, this reminds me of a thought I have whenever I see a cookbook without pictures. Why? Why bother? It's the pictures that make you want to cook, right? Or is that just me? 

There are 52 menus - each with a main dish, a side, and a dessert. (Slow Cooker Cranberry Pork Loin, Brown Sugar and Bacon Green Beans & 5-Minute Creamy Key Lime Pie, for example) There are pictures of everything and I plan to make everything at least once over the next year.

Along with the recipes, there's a home storage acquisition guide that's actually do-able, simple craft and organization ideas, and more.

This is a cookbook worth investing in.


Mindy said...

I totally agree about pictures in cookbooks. That's the best part! I'm definitely drawn to recipes with great photos. :)

Tawnie said...

Really? Okay!! Good to know. I guess I'll invest. There is nothing I love more than to "read" a cookbook. Last night, I took out all my cookbooks off the shelf, got rid of ones without meaning, and re organized them on the shelf. I was as proud as I am of my children. Ha. It felt good. I just need to stop only reading and put them to use more often. ;). Also glad to hear about that cd. I wondered. Some of their cd's I haven't cared for but some, I love! Love ya Karey!!!