Some Thoughts on Easter

Is this not one of the most beautiful paintings of the Savior you've ever seen. I remember seeing this for the first time. It quite literally took my breath away.

This year I've found my mind drawn again and again to my Savior and all he did for me. I've had occasions this year to read some things and hear some messages that have really touched me. This conference, Lawrence Corbridge shared a message that reminded me of the one he'd given 5 1/2 years ago. It is a beautiful talk and in honor of this beautiful Easter day, I'd invite you to take a dozen minutes and listen to it. It's well worth the time. I hope you find it as lovely and inspiring as I have.

I've been reading a book that seems particularly appropriate at this time of year. The 7-Day Christian, by Brad Wilcox is a small, easy book to read, but boy has it packed a punch for me. Let me tell you why.

I know Jesus Christ is real and that His message and life and atoning sacrifice are critical for me. I love Him. I think of what He endured because of His love for me and I want to do better. This book had practical stories that reminded me how I need to be if I'm going to show my Savior I love Him and show the world that I'm one of His followers.

There's a chapter in the book that talks about the creation and how Heavenly Father uses the same pattern to re-create us into His followers. It's profound and inspiring.

"We need more faithful disciples , who are willing to let Christ transform their thoughts, feelings, actions and motives. We need more believing and behaving disciples--faithful men and women who are ready to stand up and stand together to change the world as the early Christians did--one renewed friendship, one warm embrace, one sincere compliment, one compassionate act, one righteous choice at a time."

I want to be one of those faithful disciples.

Happy Easter.

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