Savannah's Speech - So Proud!

Savannah told me several days ago that she needed to prepare a speech for school. She wanted help brainstorming ideas. We discussed self-worth, kindness to others, and a few other things. Last night she wanted me to time her speech to see if it was the right length.

This is what she'd come up with. I was blown away. I'm so proud of her.

To make a perfect crepe takes time. A master crepe maker mixes the batter well in advance, sometimes even a couple of days. This allows the ingredients to meld and incorporate, giving the batter a smooth, silky texture. Once the batter has reached its optimal state, the crepe maker uses a hot, flat surface to cook the crepe. He uses the crepe batter trowel to spread the batter into a perfectly thin round circle. Once he flips the crepe and you see the crispy, golden surface, your mouth begins to water. But he’s not done yet.
When the crepe is cooked, the crepe maker spreads a nutty, chocolaty layer of Nutella. Next he adds fresh sliced strawberries, along with fresh sliced bananas. Then in his expert way, he folds the crepe into a delicious little pocket of goodness. You might think it’s ready to eat, but you would be wrong. To make the perfect crepe, you can’t forget the chocolate sauce, artfully drizzled on top, and the generous dollop of sweet whipped cream. You know it’s going to be great.
What the master crepe maker has created is a crepe worthy of awards, blue ribbons, and hard earned money. Maybe this crepe could be the winning dish on Top Chef. This crepe could go on to make people's days better. Someone might talk about and remember this crepe for years to come. But wait what is he doing?
Right before your eyes he’s ripping that beautiful crepe apart. Piece by piece, the fruit is falling out, the chocolaty substance is smearing everywhere, the whipped cream plops to the ground. It seems almost barbaric what he’s doing to this crepe. He then throws every piece away for no one to ever enjoy.
Hello. I’m Savannah White and I’m a student here at Lone Peak. I’m here to talk to you about waste. Not just a wasted crepe, but wasted people and wasted potential.
In the United States of America, approximately 580 thousand people die each year due to cancer. About 120 thousand die from accidents, and around 69 thousand die of diseases related to diabetes. But each year 1.21 million babies are murdered through abortion companies.
We’re all against murder, are we not? People go to jail every day for killing other people. Why then, is it acceptable in our society to kill infants?
Every baby killed is a waste—a wasted life, a wasted imagination, wasted talents, and wasted potential.
Of course, pregnancy is not always expected or convenient. Perhaps it wasn’t planned, and maybe that woman doesn’t feel ready to have a baby. But does that mean she should be allowed to rob her baby of its life and future? There are always alternatives, choices to be made. Even though it isn’t convenient or easy, (we’ve all been in Health), there are people who would love and parent that baby. Isn’t that a better alternative?
Most parents would say teenagers aren’t easy or convenient. And yet we don’t sentence every difficult teenager to death.
Who’s to say this baby’s future didn’t hold something important and special. Maybe the baby that was just ripped apart and thrown into a garbage bag would have discovered a cure for cancer. Maybe this tiny girl that was just vacuumed out of her mother’s womb would have been the first woman president. Maybe this little boy that just had a saline solution injected into his home, slowly poisoning him and burning off his flesh, would have helped establish peace.
But it isn’t just these big things that are potentially wasted. Think of the art, the music, the movies, the athletics, the humor, the creativity, the love, the kindness, and the happiness that could have come from these babies had they been allowed to become who they were meant to be.
But no. They weren’t given a chance. Instead they were murdered. But somehow, in the eyes of society, this is all right. Is it okay to be the murderer of someone’s future. Someone’s life? Someone’s happiness and potential?
Are we simply going to sit back and watch this atrocity happen around us? Or are we going to be the people that encourage pregnant women to give their baby to someone who will allow this child a chance in life.
Imagine going to a crepe shop, watching a beautiful culinary masterpiece come to life. But this he hands the plate to someone who will appreciate and love it. This time it won’t end up torn apart and wasted. Now imagine a women who is pregnant but not ready to be mother. Instead of murdering the baby inside her, and ripping it apart, she gives the baby up to someone who will appreciate it and love it.
It’s time to stop the waste. 


Anonymous said...

amazing speech. great comparison. and all truth. congratulations for a job well done, Savannah.
Love you so much, Grandma Higginson

missy said...

So brave! I'm impressed. I hope it went well for Savannah. As the aunt to four adorable and amazing adopted kids, I agree that there are many, many people out there just waiting for a baby to love!

Spencer (the uncle kind) said...

Great job Savannah! If only the "enlightened" people could understand this simple truth.