Goodbye 2014 & My Word of the Year for 2015

A Few Highlights (and lowlights) of 2014:

  • A trip to Maui with my husband.
  • A trip to San Francisco with my family. Sadly, this is both a highlight and a lowlight because of a big mistake I made. My husband had business in San Francisco and I wanted to do some research for The Husband Maker series, so the family took off by car. My oldest son couldn't miss a couple of days of classes, so we booked him a ticket on Priceline. It was cheaper for him to get a flight to Portland via San Francisco and then just not finish the trip, so that's what I booked. He rode the train from school to the airport and entered his ticket information in the kiosk. It wouldn't accept it so he got in line and told the agent that his ticket wasn't working. The very rude agent informed him (very rudely) that his ticket was for the following week. Priceline wouldn't work with us, so Bruce didn't get to join us. We still had fun, and Travis managed to arrange some work in Portland the next week and took part of the family to meet Bruce, who was now flying to Oregon for no other reason than to keep from totally wasting my mistakenly purchased ticket. They had a good time, but I cried bitter tears that he didn't get to join us in San Francisco and had to spend the weekend at home alone.
  • I published Lost and Found (part of the Ripple Effect Romance Series), Maggie's Song (found in the Timeless Romance Anthology - Love Letters), The Husband Maker and The Match Maker.
  • Bruce spent three months studying in China and traveling around Asia. It was fun for me, too, as he Facetimed with me from just about everywhere he went.
  • I was graced with kidney stones several times but none were large enough to need surgery!
  • Veronica came home from her successful and wonderful mission.
  • I attended two writer's conferences.
  • We had everyone home for Christmas for the first time since 2010.
  • Savannah got her driver's license and relieved me of some of the running around.
  • Joe made both the Lone Peak and CMBA basketball teams.
  • Savannah had a sledding accident and suffered a concussion and memory loss. It was really troubling and scary.
  • Bruce took his heaviest load at school yet and spent the entire semester sick.
  • Travis and I were the chairmen of our ward Christmas party.
  • We started eating differently which meant I did A LOT of cooking from scratch.
  • Veronica started working at Great Harvest again.
  • Joe passed all the girls in the family in height.

For the past few years, I've chosen a word to focus on during the year. This year, my word is inspired by the book Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown. I just finished reading it this month and it was excellent. I highly recommend it. My word this year is:


I want to eliminate nonessential things so I can give essential things the time and energy they deserve. A few of the things I want to eliminate are wasted time, clutter, unnecessary spending, and judging and unkindness.

To quote the book, I hope to "do less, but better."

Happy 2015!

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