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I'm So Excited!

A really cool thing happened today and it's all thanks to you guys.

I was told by several people when I started The Husband Maker Series that I shouldn't be too discouraged if sales dropped significantly with each book. After all, unless it's a series like Twilight or Harry Potter that builds and builds and has all kinds of hyped media behind it, the numbers will probably drop with each one. But that's okay, because I might be able to generate more interest by running promotions and sales when they're all out, so i should keep my chin up.

It's good advice and definitely something I tried to be prepared for.

And then today I opened my preorder report to see how the numbers were comparing with the preorders on the second book (The Match Maker). And lo and behold, the preorders for The Wife Maker have exceeded the preorders for The Match Maker. AND THERE'S STILL A DAY AND A HALF LEFT!!!

This was surely unexpected. The reception to The Husband Maker (book 1) was mostly good, but many of you were annoyed with me for the cliffhanger. (A few of you may have even hated me.) I'm sorry about that. Sort of. I was super grateful when so many of you stuck with me for book 2 and even left it great reviews in spite of the second cliffhanger. And now so many of you are excited enough for book 3 to actually buy it in advance and I've had so many emails and messages from so many of you expressing your eagerness to see how things turn out for our unlucky-in-love Charlotte.

Thank you so much! and I hope you find it worth the wait. Thank you for those of you who have commented, left reviews, and messaged me. It's so much fun to hear from you and to hear that you care about Charlotte and Angus and their friends and family.

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Anyway, thank you! Thank you!

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