The Power of The Matchmaker - TWELVE Cover Reveals!

Remember when I told you about the project I'm involved in for 2016? If not, you can read more about it here. 

Well, today is the cover reveal day and I can't think of many things more exciting than revealing TWELVE covers on the same day! Okay, technically we can all think of things that would be more exciting--wining the lottery, a personal Brandon Flowers concert, a new baby. But since none of those are happening, this has to be right up there!

And check those out. They're gorgeous aren't they? And the stories that go with them are going to be awesome. You can go to Goodreads to read the descriptions and add them to your "to read" list. 

The novella that gives you the Matchmaker's backstory is available for preorder now on Amazon. It's a lovely little story that will have you eager for more. Each book is a stand-alone novel by a different author with one common character--Miss Pearl, the matchmaker. Can't wait!!!


missy said...

I love that you're first so I don't have to wait forever. :) I'm really looking forward to this set. What a fun idea!

Amanda Hootie Clark said...

This is awesome!