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Several years ago, I read Driven: An Autobiography. It was the story of Larry Miller, the businessman behind the car dealerships, movie theaters, and the Utah Jazz. It was fascinating and I recommended it to so many people. When I heard about this new book about Miller, I knew I wanted to read it. I hoped I'd enjoy it as much as I had Driven, and it didn't disappoint.
Behind The Drive is divided into ninety-nine short (most are three pages), first-hand stories of the men and women who knew Larry Miller. They range from former Jazz players, business associates, childhood friends, people who Larry and his wife helped, family members and more. The stories shed light the complicated, interesting man who died too young. They tell of his competitiveness, his work ethic, his fiery temper, his athletic ability (he played professional softball), his unusual management style, his integrity, and his generosity. I read many of the stories aloud to my husband or family. There is not only a lot to be admired from the experiences shared, there is also a lot to learn. For anyone who loves Salt Lake City (me), loves the Utah Jazz (me), has managed their own business (me), or loves hearing stories of flawed people who do great things (I'd like to think someday that will be me), this is a wonderful book to read. Read it in small doses or read it as you would a novel. Either way, I can just about guarantee, you'll find things that make you laugh and inspire you.

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