It Was Just What I Wanted to Hear, I Thought

Remember how my word for this year is DELIBERATE? I've been trying to use this word, especially when it comes to decisions I need to make.

Earlier this year, I sent in the manuscript for My Own Mr. Darcy to a dream publisher. This is the publisher I've always wanted to publish a book through. They have name recognition, marketing muscle, and national reach. The acquisitions editor wanted it. The beta readers loved it. It looked like it was almost a sure thing.

And then they couldn't fit it into their schedule and I was devastated.

For a couple of days.

And then I remembered that my family had been praying diligently that I'd find the RIGHT situation for my book.

And so I got to work exploring every other avenue for my book and decided on a route. I'm on that route and it's going well.

Imagine my surprise when I opened my email this week and there was a request to resubmit it to fill an opening that had become available on the calendar.

Oh man, I wanted to say yes. But I couldn't. Because we'd been very deliberate about our deliberations and I knew I was doing the right thing for this book. I didn't have to wring my hands and worry I'd made the wrong choice.

My next book? We'll see. They said they'd like to see it, so I have options.

But right now? I feel good.

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Kristi said...

Timing is a tricky thing.
By the way, I read My Own Mr. Darcy withing 24 hours of getting it. I loved it. A friend of mine saw me reading it and she said she was going to order it too.
I will submit some reviews on Amazon and Good Reads.