Searches That Brought You to Me

It's fun to watch my blog traffic tracker and see all the places around the world where people are looking at my blog. My little blog created by me, here in a little town in Utah. It always surprises me to see the foreign flags and the names of cities all over the United States. I sometimes know who's looking (Missy, I think you come up as Pana, Illinois and Kristi, you're usually Medford, Oregon. Mindy, you're Vernal, and Mary is Fish Haven, Idaho) but who is coming from Hanford, California, Richmond, Texas, Stockholm, Sweden and Grad Zagreb, Zagreb?

My feed shows the Google searches that brought people to my blog. Maybe this is only interesting to me, but just in case you might also find it interesting, I'm going to share the Google searches from this past week.

"People dance like whores at prom," "disturbing prom trends," and "Daughter doesn't have date for prom" took people here. (If they saw the first two searches and read the article, maybe the last person is glad their daughter doesn't have a date.)

"The thing in front of the passenger seat" and "glovebox" took people here.

"gagging eye rolling" took someone here.

"Pantyhose" (2) took people here.

"Reviews of the Book of Mormon Musical in Utah," "what mormons think of Book of Mormon musical," "Foul language in book of mormon musical," "lds thoughts on book of mormon play" and "is the book of mormon play sacrilegious" took people here. (Hope they all knew I was only speaking for myself and not for all Mormons.)

"Fun ways to unload the dishwasher" and "get kids to help unload dishwasher" brought people here.

"wrong to miss church traveling" took someone here.

"Most romantic movie scenes," "Most romantic outside scene for party," and "matthew mcfadyen april 2011" brought people here. (Is it wrong to hope that Matthew McFadyen himself finds my blog when he googles his name? and maybe he could find me so witty and charming and dare I say, attractive that he'd want to walk across the golf course in a trench coat to meet me.)

"my best friend flirts with my wife," "can the opposite sexes really be just friends," "my boyfriend's best friend is a girl," "flirting when married," and "clues my spouse is cheating" led people here. (Over the last 9 months, this has been the posting that gets more visitors from google searches than any other. I think that's interesting.)

"mating rituals african spurred tortoise" brought someone here. (I'm sure this isn't what they were needing for a school report.)

"My banner will be clear" (2) led people here. (This is another pretty popular search. A really strange thing happened awhile back. I had about twenty people who searched "My banner will be clear" over the course of two or three days. I'd have thought maybe someone had given it in a talk or something, but the visitors were from all over the world. How would you explain that?)

"Wallsburg politics" brought someone here.

"ace bandage girdle" brought someone here. (I certainly hope this story steered anyone who was thinking about using an ace bandage for a girdle away from the idea. It's only a good idea if you want to die.)

"Donuts for weddings" brought someone here.

"My mom has always been my defender" led someone here.

"The day I learnt how to cook" led someone here.

"miscellaneous memos" and "How to make a miscellaneous memos" brought someone here. (I don't even understand this search.)

"BYU basketball danny ainge team" and "basketball games my feeling" brought people here.

"Karey White" (4) brought you to my blog.

If you made it through all those, what do you think? I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane. Thanks for stopping by! I'm wondering if I should do this every two or three months or so. Would that be interesting to any of you, or is this just fun for me? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.


Mindy said...

Hello from Vernal. :) My dad grew up in Fish Haven... I wonder if your Mary knows him.

~Laurie~ said...

I visit you from Seminole, Texas - although the feeds always say Midland, TX. I can't remember how I originally found you - I think I clicked on your blog through an LDS link about your book - which I am almost finished with!! I am enjoying it and finding I can't put it down as I reach the end of the story. I'm going to bring it to Maine with me this summer to share with my friends there. I'm glad to have found you - however I may have! :) PS - I have curly hair also - liked your post the other day ;) And yes, it would be fun to show how people find you every once and awhile - it's amazing to me what people google!

Karey said...

Lauri, I'm glad you're enjoying the book! I'd love to hear from you when you're finished. And thanks to everyone who spreads the word about it!

Mindy, It's such a small world, I wouldn't be surprised if they knew each other. I'm constantly amazed at the connections and those are the ones we find out about. I wonder how many connections there are that we never learn about.

missy said...

I often get a kick out of what people are searching for that brings them to my blog. You've got some good ones! I'm not in husband said that must be where our internet service generates from or something. We live in Charleston. Fun post!

Kristi said...

I liked it.
Maybe I will try random searches and see if I can find links to your blog.

Karey said...

Missy, I don't think the cities listed are absolute. When I'm at my parents house in Bountiful, UT and link to my blog, it sometimes comes up Logan. That's not even that close.

Kristi, you're hilarious. With five kids, you don't have time to do random searches to find my blog. (But if you do it and find something interesting, be sure to let me know.)

Aubrey said...

Or Aubrey from Vernal ;)

Karey said...

Oh Aubrey, I didn't know you read my blog. Thank you! You're awesome (and not just because you read my blog). said...

Karey Seminole is the next town over from my daughter in Hobbs NM

David said...

Your website won't allow me to leave a comment I thought it was cool

Tawnie J said...

I thought it was fun to read those!!

Leslie said...

that is funny.

i get really random google searches finding my blog as well.

THE most popular one that brings people to me (besides searching for the names aaron and leslie together) is 'faith is like a little seed'.

i am positive that it is every time there is a lesson in primary being given on that subject. :) because it is searched to my blog several times a week.

this was fun to read.